Substitution Policy

Dear Customer,

One World Flowers works with Fair Trade Certified™ farms to deliver fresh cut flowers directly from the source to you. Because of the agricultural nature of our products, it is difficult to predict with 100% certainty the amount of each color or variety that will be available on shipping days. There are occasions when certain flower colors or varieties are not available and may substituted for the next closest available color/variety to fill your order on the day of shipment.

As part of our agreement to work cooperatively and fairly with our Fair Trade farm partners, we allow them the freedom to make close color substitutions on the day of shipping without needing to ask for our permission. This allows more orders to be filled without unnecessary delays. We apologize for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction you may feel if we need to substitute colors or specific varieties in your order.

One World Flowers is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for order accuracy and fulfillment at all times, and we assure you that our goal is to fill your order accurately with the Fair Trade Certified™ flowers you ordered whenever possible. We strive to do this through honest business practices and consistency in our products and advertising.

We ask for your understanding in a substitution situation and assure you that our farms will always strive to send you the next closest color/variety that is available that day. By ordering from One World Flowers, customers acknowledge this substitution policy and accept that no refunds will be offered for specific variety substitutions.


One World Flowers
Product Management Team.