One World Flowers Partners with the Valentine Peace Project

Valentine Peace Project“The flower of peace grows in the fertile soil of justice.”

Imagine receiving a poem or message of peace or love to you from someone in your community or someone else in the world. Through poetry and reflection, the Valentine Peace Project encourages actions on peace leading up to and on the worldwide holiday of love – Valentine’s Day. The Valentine Peace Project is a growing initiative in many cities around the United States including San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. Students and other submit poems of peace and love that are tied to flowers and given out around the Valentine’s Day holiday. One World Flowers has partnered with the Valentine Peace Project this year to provide carnations and Fair Trade Certified roses for the events!

On and around February 14 poems will be shared or performed in different cities and communities – some then wrapped around stems of local and international Fair Trade flowers provided by One World Flowers. Partners develop peace discussions in schools, poetry workshops, and community actions. Below are a couple of poems submitted by students in previous years:

What a charged word.
What a personal word.
What other word could evoke such strong feelings and memories than love?
I have felt pain, sadness, joy, tears, laughter,
It has meant many things to me.
And as I look around, I see there is something special about it.
About love.
Because whenever I have tried,
I have always been able to find it.
In Myself.
In a Book that inspires me.
In Family.
In my Dad’s cooking.
In Friends.
In the eyes of a stranger.
In a soup kitchen.
In an airport.
The key is to never stop looking.
(LA High School participant)

. . but we can’t put all the blame
For no world peace on a baby with a bow
The inhabitants of the world must unify we must take the first steps
And Cupid will help us once we have tried
Even though we try to think not
But our steps are more important than
A bow.
Our steps to love and peace are
closer than you know.
(California Middle School participant)

Published on Monday, January 25, 2010