Letter From the Ecuador Fair Trade Association

Ecuadorian Children in SchoolAs 2012 comes to a close, we would like to share this great report with you from the Ecuador Fair Trade Association about the positive impacts that Fair Trade Certified flowers have made for workers, their families, and the community. The EFTA is made up of seven flower farms from across the country that together employ more than 1,500 workers. One World Flowers looks forward to working with this group in 2011 to continue growing and expanding the Fair Trade flowers program.

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Dear Fair Tade Flower Customers,

Back in 2002, when our first farms obtained the Fair Trade certification, nurseries and child care centers in the farms had limited resources. Now, all of our roses that are sold with the Fair Trade logo earn an extra 10% of the selling price. This extra money is paid to the workers to invest in social projects related to education, health, small businesses, loans and many other initiatives to improve their lives.

Little by little, our workers on our farms have made investments in improving the nurseries. They now look much cozier and provide a better environment for children to grow and learn.Children of Fair Trade Employees at the farm's nursery

The Fair Trade Premium has also supported education by providing school materials and uniforms to workers and their children. Generally, this type of support is given as a reward for good grades and regular school attendance.

Our farms also support many local schools by providing furniture, school materials and building facilities. We strive to give children the best possible learning environment to ensure their educational success. In some cases these schools rely on the Fair Trade premium for basic equipment like windows and desks. This has made the scope of influence of Fair Trade in our farms much broader than only the workers and their families.

Doctor visits at the Fair Trade farmsBy the beginning of 2008, our workers received health benefits, but they didn’t have easy access to hospitals and doctors. Sometimes workers had to travel several hours to reach the hospital. Nowadays every farm has a doctors’ office, and specialists visit the farms on specific dates to undertake several types of preventive medicine.

The Fair Trade Premium has also helped provide loans to workers for home improvements and for starting new businesses. Interest rates are very low, and payment conditions are favorable to the worker’s situation.

We are happy to share these accomplishments with our friends all over the world who support Fair Trade and buy our roses. These are top quality roses, harvested with faith in this fair system.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

~ Ecuador Fair Trade Association

Published on Saturday, December 29, 2012